Our staff can speak English and Japanese.



First-Class Japan will bring you the fullest satisfaction by corresponding to your very specific orders.

We will answer your request such as the ladies of your interest, your preference, time….etc.

We will arrange and sent the ladies that meet your request after your order is placed.

First Class Japan is the ultimate adult entertainment agency that fully satisfy your personal order.


・You can make your reservation with us by phone and e-mail.
 (※Verification is needed when reservation is placed by e-mail.)

・Reservation can be made one week prior.

・Please, process your credit card payment after the contract before we deliver your order.

・Regardless of nationality, anyone can place their reservation with us at First Class Japan.

・We also accept the reservation from oversea.

Mix Play

If desired, there is no limit on the number of ladies.

It is possible to place the order of 5 or 10 ladies at once for an order.

If desired, 3P with twins, 4P with sisters, mother-daughter situation, 5p with two groups of sisters, or having a party with 10 porn stars is available.

Available Location

・Unlimited to Japan, we can deliver the highest rank of ladies to anywhere in the world.

・Your home, hotels or business hotel can be used for our service.

※① If a private residence is requested, our staff will need to verify if there are any third-parties before we sent our ladies in for security reason.

※② When a hotel is requested, please let us know the name you check-in with the hotel.

・We will check the room before we sent the ladies in.

※③ Many business hotels are restricted for call-girl service, please double check with your hotel.

※④ Please let us know if there are any animals in your resident when choosing personal residence for our service.

・Meeting up at a restaurant is available for customers.


Please pay in advance when using our service at First Class Japan.

Please finish your payment before our ladies enter the room.

・We accept major credit cards.

・Please, let us know when you place your order for your receipt.

Cancel or Change

・Once the reservation is established by phone, please note that it cannot be cancelled or changed even right after the call.

・Cancellation or change after the female has arrived but before her entering the room is possible and free of charge,
 but please pay the carfare and gratuity as the circumstances may require.

※Change or cancellation may not be possible for some courses.


Please be assured with keeping your personal information with us at First Class Japan. Our original analog security system protects our valued customers by handling the personal information without using the internet. Your personal information is guaranteed from leakage.

Terms of Service

1)Please pay in advance.

2)We refuse the service to the customer who will not take the shower with our cast.

(No shower, no service!)

3)Any stalking behavior is prohibited.

(Such as asking for phone numbers, mail address, LINE or any other SNS)

4)We refuse the service to the customer who is drunk, STD, or drug addict.

5)No filming or recording! (Including mobile devices such as cell phone or tablets)

6)No violence behavior or any action that our lady does not feel comfortable of.

(Deep throat or extreme fingering is prohibited)

7)We refuse our service to gang members.

8)No recruiting on our staff.

(Such as investigating the salary of our staff)

9)No cancellation of changes after our staff enters the room.

10)Illegal action such as sexual intercourse is prohibited.

11)We reserve the right to refuse our service to anyone A cancellation fee will be charge after the reception is made.

13)If any third-party member is discovered the service will be terminated.

Also, if the third party is discovered after the reservation is made cancellation fee will apply.

Also, if the third party has appeared after the delivery, all the service will stop at once and no refund will be made.

14)No extreme SM request or any other unusual hardcore request.

15)Please kindly turn on the AC for our staff if they feel the room is too hot or cold.

16)Access to our staff’s personal properties is off-limits.

17)Professional scout, host or anyone in the same profession is prohibited from our service

18)Our staff may refuse the service if any animal is on presence.

※Make sure to let us know if there is any animal in your residence upon reservation.

We will not give any refund if our staff is uncomfortable with the animals.

19)Please make sure our staff is able to leave the room within time-limit.

20)First Class Japan prohibited any private negotiation between our staff and the customer.

21)Please inquire about the travelling expenses and other fees by telephone.

If our staff cannot leave the room within the time limit, an overtime fee will be charged.

※There will be no refund.

※If any actions that are found against the policies above compensation for loss and damage, medical expenses will be charged.